With literally hundreds of bridal wedding hairstyles to choose from, it can be a difficult and confusing choice for any bride to be to make. From the formal up do  to the soft and natural look and short hair styles, there is a look that is ideally suited to you, the bride and your unique wedding style.

1. A Formal Look

Up do’s are still very popular for bridal wedding hairstyles especially if the wedding is to be a formal occasion. Big, puffy hair is trending at the moment with large poofs, bubbles and bouffant styles are a great choice. Formal up do’s are best adorned with tiaras, fancy antique clips or other jewelry pieces.

For a slightly less formal look, plaits and braids are in. Braids can be styled and formed in multiple ways to create a really unique style that will last all day or night. In fact, fancy braids are easy to achieve and the most simple to keep in place throughout the ceremony and reception.

With so many different up do’s to choose from it is recommended to try at least three before your day to make the ideal selection.


2. A Natural Look

Just because you are opting to look natural, doesn’t mean that it won’t take hours to style your hair so that it appears at it’s best on your big day. Soft, flowing curls take time to achieve and even straightening those locks to ensure that they are smooth, shiny and healthy looking takes time.

The natural look is all about free flowing hair with a simple adornment like a ring of daisies placed around the crown or a single bloom placed behind one ear. Feathers are currently a popular choice for natural hair decorations for brides. Half up do’s are a great way to achieve height for those with thin or wispy hair while keeping it natural.

It is recommended to stick to your natural hair style for your big day if you decide on this option. In other words, if you have curly hair, don’t go straight and vice versa.

3. Short Hair Styles

Although the traditional bride is always epitomized with long flowing locks, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a variety of short styles to make the bride look and feel special on her wedding day. No matter how short your hair, it can be styled to appear beautiful or just a little different for the big day.

Of course there are other options available for brides who have short hair and want to appear as if their hair is long. Different styling options and hair accessories can be used to achieve the look of an up do or half up natural look. Hair extensions are also available to give the bride a wider range of hairstyle options.

Every bride is different and her hairstyle, like her dress and wedding should reflect who she is. No matter how formal or natural, it is always best to try a number of different styles to find the one that suits you best. Remember that your hairstyle should compliment you, your dress and your overall look for the wedding.

It is also recommended to choose a great stylist that you can trust and will give you the peace of mind that you will look great and that each hair will stay in place on your big day. It may be a good idea to consult an expert wedding hairstylist to provide you with the best advice on bridal wedding hairstyles that will suit your hair type, especially if you are going for the formal up do.

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