If you’re tired of wearing your hair the same way all the time, you might want to learn how to do quick and easy hairstyles that will still look good. Despite not having much time available in the morning to get ready, there are some simple ways to style your hair and keep it in place throughout the day. Although you may love your signature style, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of that comfort zone and trying several new styles.

The Simple Sock Bun

Want to have the perfect bun in your hair? If your bun never looks full or thick enough, there’s a simple solution to the problem. Simply grab a long sock and cut off an inch of the sock from one side to the next. You should now have an opening on both sides of the sock. Roll the sock forward until you’ve created a doughnut shape with it.

Set the doughnut-shaped sock off to the side. Place your hair into a regular ponytail. Place the sock around the ponytail. Next you’ll just need to grab all your hair, wrap it around the sock so that it’s not noticeable, and then pin it into place with a few bobby pins. Your bun will look much fuller and thicker than it did before.

The Overnight Curls

Want to have beautiful curls for school? Start preparing the night before. After washing your hair in the shower, wait about an hour or until your hair is no longer soaked and is only slightly damp. Slide a headband on your head and begin stuffing strands of hair into the headband, wrapping them directly around the band multiple times.

Continue this process with thicker strands of hair until all of the strands are now wrapped directly around the headband. Leave it all in overnight while you’re sleeping and then carefully unwrap the strands of your hair from the headband when you get up. You’ll have beautiful curls that bounce and look amazing. If you want to keep the curls in all day, make sure to spray the hair down with your favorite hairspray.

The Half-Up Bun

Another simple and easy way to style your hair is to separate it horizontally into two sections. You should use less hair for the top section and more hair for the bottom section. Tie the top section of hair up into a pony tail and then wrap the ponytail around in a circle until you’ve created a bun. Pin the bun in place using a handful of bobby pins.

Leave the remaining section of hair hanging out. You could straighten the bottom section of hair or give it a nice curl for added style.

The Sleek Ponytail

Use your comb to part your hair perfectly down the center. Brush the hair down, push it behind your ears, and then tie it into a ponytail using an elastic band. Add a small amount of gel to the front of your hair to keep it in place all day. You could leave the ponytail as it is or you could wrap it around a few times and create the lower messy bun look.

Why wear your hair the same way when there are plenty of different ways to style it and make it look its best? Rather than sticking with the same style all the time, consider some of these different styles because they’re simple and still look great. Whether you want a bun, ponytail, or even some beautiful curls, there are plenty of ways to make it happen without spending a lot of extra time on your hair in the morning.

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