Did you ever try to color your hair at home? Nothing can match the treatment that you receive in a salon, however, hair coloring at home is cheaper, and it also gives you a feeling of pride. Before you decide which of these two options is better, you should know some of the benefits of doing custom hair color at home.

custom hair color creation kit

It is convenient

Hair coloring at home is quite convenient. You can do it according to your time. You can color your hair while listening to music or watching a movie and while the dye sets in, you can do whatever you like. When you go to a professional salon, you cannot do any work until the hair coloring gets over.

It is highly affordable

The biggest advantage of coloring your hair at home is that it is simply affordable. Purchasing a hair dye can cost you just a fraction of the price you pay for hiring any hair stylist. Here, you pay only for the hair color, but when you visit a salon, you pay for the services of a hair stylist too. So, the amount spent by you is about 15% to 25% of a salon, and moreover, you get the same benefits.

Easy to apply

You can easily color your hair at home by purchasing a custom hair color creation kit. You need to mix the chemicals and then apply it on your hair. However, before applying read the instructions carefully given on the pack. Put on the gloves, mix the solutions provided in the bottles and apply the dye on every strand of your hair. The containers are marked as 1 and 2 and the measuring quantity is mentioned too. Nothing can be easier than this.

You can feel the same VIP treatment

People prefer visiting the salons because of the pampering and the VIP treatment that they receive there. However, you can give yourself the same treatment while you color your hair at home. Turn on the music system, light the candles and then dye your hair. After washing your hair you can opt for a deep conditioning. Hair conditioning shall give your hair a silky and smooth feeling.

custom hair color creation kit


You can get the custom hair color creation kit delivered at your doorstep even for less than what you give as a tip to the hair colorist at the salons. The hair color shade that you get is custom-blended as per your eye color, skin tone, grey percentage, and color history. It is an excellent solution for people who are unable they get their preferred shade. Even the instructions given to the client is personalized, and you can always get advice from a colorist via phones or e-mails.

According to researchers, hair coloring can protect your hair against the photodamage, which is caused when our hair remain exposed to the sun for prolonged hours. In another study, it was observed that hair colors, particularly hair dyes could provide adequate protection against hair against damage from the sun. So, hair coloring has several benefits and nothing can be better when you color your hair at home.

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