Opting for short hair is a great way to look cool, modern and edgy. That being said, it is all too easy for that short hair to end up looking boring and messy if you’re not careful! What you really need is a few ideas for amazing hair styles for short hair. You want styles that will have you looking like you’ve just walked off the front cover of a style magazine! So what are some great styles that are sure to make heads turn? Let’s take a look at a few of our top picks now.

Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Pixie Look

What we love about the pixie look is how it somehow manages to merge cute and daring all in one style. If you go for short on the sides, coupled with thick bangs at the top you are already on to a winner. Be sure that your color choice also matches the look you are going for. With the pixie look you can get away with a dramatic color if you so wish, or add a few highlights into your natural shade to rock things up a bit.

amazing hairstyles for short hair by best salons near me

Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Audrey Hepburn Look

It’s a classical short hair look that never goes out of fashion! This isn’t a look that you will want to pair with a shocking shade, rather it is all about being elegant, classy and embracing everything about being a woman – enjoy!

Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Cropped Bob

There is a lot to love about the humble bob. Granted, we all have those photos of ‘that time’ we decided t go for a bob style and it really didn’t work out. Trust us, bobs have come a long way since then! Why not consider a cropped bob with bangs. It’s a sure way to make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry if you don’t have poker straight hair. A cool cropped bob can look gorgeous with naturally curly or wavy hair too.

Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Beach Look

You might think that the beach, surf-girl look is only for ladies with long lush locks. Well you have never been so wrong! The beach look is actually a great style for those of us who have decided to rock short hair. Match it up with a fresh shade and stylish outfit and you’ll look like you belong at the heart of the beach!

amazing hairstyles for short hair by best salons near me

Hairstyles for Short Hair: Go For Bold Platinum

Platinum and long hair is not an easy match. In fact, it is far too easy to fall into the ‘I look like a mermaid gone wrong’ look, than what had been the plan to achieve! Girls with short hair i=on the other hand, can normally wear the platinum look with ease. If you are in the mood for being daring, and of course if your stylist agrees that platinum could work with your hair, then why not give it a go? It may very well turn out to be your favorite look so far!

Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Shaved Bleached Look

Okay so this option is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Even if you’ve already got short hair, going for the shave is a daunting task. That being said, you may very well look amazing if you do decide to engage in an act of courage! Be sure to talk with your stylist before ordering this new style, they will be able to tell you if the bold and daring look would work for you and your bone structure.

Having short hair rocks. It opens up a whole world of new styles and fashion. Just be sure to try out different styles and have fun with your gorgeous short hair!

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